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To rumour is to create --- to create is to soar.  Do you Rumour?

Rockview High is currently under construction --- by you! Like any dream, Rockview’s reality is rooted in the minds of the dreamers. We’re looking for dreamers, creators, humans who burn inside with a voice they want to share with others and the world.

Rockview’s Narrative kicks off with Nine People --- one teacher and eight students. We don’t know much about them; we’re relying on you to help us fill in the gaps as they each pursue their Hero’s Journey.

Sign up, participate, email us, send us some art -- we are starting an adventure and we invite your help...and by the way: Do You Rumour?

Faces Of Rockview

Meet some of the staff and students who are the Faces of Rockview High School community.


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Do You Rumour?

Do you Rumour?  We want you to --- join us by participating. We have weekly and monthly surveys. Plus, if you really like a character, drop us an email with some art or story ideas. Here is a link to this month’s Rockview Rumours Survey....


Plus you can follow us on Twitter for little character hints and other mini-surveys. Remember, Rockview is under construction -- by you!!

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