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Aiko Camacho

Hero's Journey---Learn more about the
community members of Rockview High School.

“Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.”

– Will Rogers

OK, we know Aiko is a gearhead/nerd. She is uber-smart but she’s not academic-only; Aiko wants to make money. Yes, she wants to go to college because she knows she can’t learn everything just by grinding through it on her own. She likes school, and enjoys most of her teachers, but sometimes she is a pain because she is usually so far ahead in class she gets bored.

She needs a business partner. Aiko’s Dad has a small rented garage he likes to tinker in and has lots of tools and let’s her use  the shop and the tools. She is thinking of some kind of business that she wants to run but she isn’t the sales type --- she doesn’t have the patience. She just wants the challenge of getting the work done. She asks many questions of Mrs. Longpine.

Don’t know much about her Mom --- need to learn more. Maybe parents were Dekasagi for a time?

Aiko’s Strength - She Learns and then Does.


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